Let's Learn And Grow Together! 

Educational Tools, Parenting Insights, And New Book First Looks.
Chelsa Bug, LLC is a child education and lifestyle brand. The company was founded in February 2022 by an award-winning educationalist and author who has been recognized in the state of Texas for her accomplishments as a teacher and specialist who builds capacity with teachers. As a company, we seek to build on these accomplishments with books and content offerings to further our vision of energizing young people and their parents to think critically about the big issues facing our society and our planet.

Our mission is to empower kids with the tools and confidence to tackle complex subjects and curriculums so we provide education expertise, fun educational materials and insight for young students, and informative content and real-life takes on modern parenting and teaching challenges for adults. We love Science and Math, especially when it involves learning through fun parent and child activities, and our mantra is It's Amazing Here! Hang with us for a while and we're sure you will agree.